CORE Meeting Monday

We are holding CORE Monday, March 17, to extend the fun of spring break for just another day. Meet us at 1:15 p.m. in Thun 145 for an Irish/St/ Patrick’s Day-themed CORE. We’ll have snacks, soda, and fun writing activities. 


CORE Meeting This Thursday

To kick off a new year and a new semester, we are hosting CORE Thursday, Feb. 20 in 104 Franco at 6 p.m. We will read, write, eat, hang out, and spend time getting to know each other through writing prompt responses.

We began CORE as part of our internship in fall, but the spring semester will be a bit different. Seth, one of our co-editors/co-interns, has graduated, so now Nick and I will be filling out our ranks with a few interns.

Click here to learn more about CORE.

Shadows of Birds Issue 2.3 Is Out!



A little shorter than last issue but with some strong fiction and poetry, we’re proud to close the semester with issue 2.3. Thank you everyone as the magazine took the next step in its evolution this semester–your feedback, encouragement, submissions, and participation has been integral to its success.

To download the latest issue, click here: Shadows of Birds Student Writing Magazine Volume 2, Issue 3

If you missed any issues this semester, you can always download them from our Magazine Issues page.

Shadows of Birds Volume 2, Issue 2 Is Out!


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We’re proud to finally announce (three days late) that issue 2.2 is out! Click here to view it in your browser (right-click and save it to your computer to listen to audio components).

This issue is a far cry different from last issue, including multi-author works, podcasts, photography, and more.

Thank you, writers, for your continuing interest and your submissions! We’re proud to say that we were overwhelmed with the sheer number of unique submissions.

Stay tuned for issue 2.3’s submission deadline!

Halloween CORE Recap


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We had an amazing combined turn-out of fifteen students and faculty today at CORE–thanks for showing up, guys! We took some pictures to commemorate the occasion, with a special thanks to Professor Jayne Brown for the festive napkins, plates, and wall-sticky-things, food services for some delicious coffee, cookies, and a pumpkin pie trifle, and five brave students for sharing their work.

Our writing prompt for today was to create a creepy “found poem.” Writers cut out words, phrases, and images from newspapers and magazines and assembled them into ransom notes and disturbing messages from serial killers and other unsavory types. As writers, sometimes we love writing through the minds of our villains even more than our heroes, and sometimes it’s fun to learn about our dark sides 🙂

Below, you’ll find some snapshots from today’s meeting. Thanks again for coming, everyone, and we hope to see you again!

CORE (10/28/2013)CORE (10/28/2013)CORE (10/28/2013)CORE (10/28/2013)CORE (10/28/2013)CORE (10/28/2013)

Issue 2.2 Submission Deadline


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Just a quick post today to let everyone know our submission deadline for volume 2, issue 2. We’ll be accepting “stuff” up to November 1 and issue 2.2 will be out on Friday of that same week.

A big thank-you to the several submissions we already got; if you’re interested in submitting any of our accepted creative mediums (see our submission information page here), make sure to let us know by email at

On a closing note, November 1 is a soft deadline. If you have something that you just need a couple more days on, feel free to submit (via email or in person–see our contact information here) up to Wednesday, November 6.

Looking forward to another great issue!

Bring Out Your Magazines!


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We’ll be doing something a little different for Halloween at CORE this month. This October 28, we’ll be meeting in  at the usual time (1:00 PM), and we’ve got a special project planned.

There will be scissors, and there will be glue. Bring your old magazines, newspapers–whatever–so we can tear them apart.

That’s all for now 😉

Also, don’t forget about our usual CORE meeting this Monday, October 14, at 1:00 PM in Franco 104. For more about the upcoming CORE meeting, see this post.

Let’s Talk Halloween…


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October 28 CORE Sneak Peak

We’ve got a slew of festive ideas to celebrate the beginning of the dark months this October 28 at CORE.

In addition to holiday-themed refreshments and writing prompts, Professor Brown’s gone out of her way to make this CORE a little extra special.

Break out your thrillers and ghost stories, and maybe a little Poe!

Also, don’t miss out on CORE this Monday at 1:00 PM. See here for details.